Glitch – EDGE Sydenham

Dinners Past

I was invited to exhibit and had so much fun creating a new artwork for Glitch: a playground for the apocalypse. 
Dinners Past, 2022, a video projection installation piece that occupied a shipping container in the middle of the festival at Sydenham Green, creating a fun and engaging installation that invited guests to sit at the table and watch the video as it projected down onto the all-white setting.

Dinners Past explored the concept of remembrance of lost and past moments, both abstract and lucid of fond memories
of enjoying a meal with friends and family, the noise, the discussions, the arguments, the quaint and peaceful moments, the celebrations and milestones and ones that will remain as only memories and eventually be forgotten.

Another shipping container projected my video work, Resurgence.

Exhibiting Artists:
Dillon MacEwan, Alien Proof Construction, Jasmine Poole, Paul Irving, Rhiannon Hopley, H Morgan-Harris, Justin Harvey, Rod Nash, Rudy Grak, Finton Mahony, Casnard + Maybolt, Pete Strong, CULT OF EVERYTHING, Lu Campbell-Smith, BUNKWAA, LukeSnarl, Tassio Guichard, Ika Vantiani, Brian Luque Marcos.

Christa Hughes, TOYDEATH, Grumblemorph featuring John Jacobs, Subway Monk, Marlena Dali, Empress Stah, Outrageous Entertainment, Marble Circus Band, Rod Nash

GLITCH – EDGE Sydenham | Inner West Sydney 
Sydenham Green NSW 2044

20 August 2022 
Events from 10 am, with Glitch beginning from 4 pm – 8 pm.


Top image: Resurgence, 2021, Single-channel video with sound,
Bottom image:  Dinners Past, 2022, Single-channel video with sound projected onto a dining
table and chairs, dinner wear, cutlery, glassware, painted fruit, and suspend mannequin hands 



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