VEES II – Magazine Feature

Back in June, I was interviewed by the lovely Birat Ojha – writer, artist and activist, to discuss ‘Exploring Queerness Through Art’  for VESS II, the second edition of VEES, an art-centric magazine by Kaalo 101 in Kathmandu, Nepal. 
This edition of the magazine was a limited edition, handmade and bound, and published in August to line up with Kaalo’s arts festival R*OT.
An excerpt from the article: 
“It feels nice to explore and not make it that separate, to come into myself more and connect with my work. It can be a step of learning and unlearning, rethinking your ideas, thoughts and values around life and how you execute yourself through what you do” Rhiannon throws light on the importance art holds for her as a queer-identifying artist.

The artist believes creating safe spaces comes from awareness and open discussion around queerness and with people involved in what makes a safe space for them. “To be expressive and show the work that needs to be seen and heard is difficult without having a safe space”, Rhiannon adds, “Hopefully, all spaces will be safe”. For her, normalizing simple things, such as asking someone their pronouns before assuming is how we can create safe spaces.

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