Micro Galleries Displace[ME]nt Festival 2020

Excited to announce as part of Micro Galleries International Artist Collective, our next Live festival will be held in The Philippines!

Thanks to the incredible support of @jasonstephenson


The focus of this festival will be Displace[ME]nt / Movement: of people, economies, climate, human rights. 

The Philippines is one of the world’s largest archipelago nations and is one of the world’s mega biodiversity countries. It is also a country in trying circumstances with a range of natural disasters including typhoons, floods, and earthquakes which displace millions of people across the Philippines each year and leave hundreds of thousands living in ongoing displacement. There are also areas experiencing intense armed conflict. This range of uncertainty, instability, as well as lack of resources, and infrastructure means there is a huge level of internal displacement.  

An internally displaced person is someone who is forced to flee their home but who remains within their country’s borders. Unfortunately, they are not legally termed a refugee, despite the similar experience and detriment to their lives. 

We want to draw attention to the unheard voice of mass human movement: the internally displaced, and give them a voice and creative platform.