Fake – Group Exhibition

Come join me Friday 16th March at 6 pm to celebrate Art Month at Tortuga with a true artist warehouse style opening, for ‘FAKE’ including live music. My work with be featuring alongside over 30 incredible artists including Garth Knight and Will Coles.

An excerpt from the exhibition: “Trump howls ‘fake news!’, escalating his attacks on CNN and the New York Times and the world scuttles to its corner, shamed. Social media smears ribald campaigns of disinformation like a virus, laying waste to a truth no longer dictated by authorities but networked by peers…

The truth, today, has a new shape, all raggedy lines and shadowed form, vacant, abandoned. Clickbait, controversy, sensationalism and spam, the spin swells in soundbites and we are held hostage to a culture of falsity and fear…”

Opening Friday, March 16th, 6 pm
Exhibition 16th – 23rd March

Gallery Hours
17th – 18th –  11 am – 5 pm (Art Month Open Studio)
19th – 23rd  – By Appointment only

Tortuga Studios, 31 Princes Hwy, St Peters