A Celebration of Art and Activism – Nepal, 2021

QUEER- Nepal 2021

Created for Queer – A Celebration of Art and Activism, an accessible exhibition created by Kaalo.101, to highlight and celebrate the queer community and the broader LGBTIQ movement in Nepal, for Pride Month in June 2021.

The works were created as paste-ups and exhibited on streets during the festival that ran for 30 days with 78 queer artists, both local and international, alongside workshops, discussions and film screenings, putting together stories of identity, sexuality, desire, love, and struggle. It traced queer lives — their creativity and identities — across Nepal and around the world in an effort to place the spotlight on queerness.

Both my partner and I identify as Queer, we are both bi-sexual/pansexual, and my partner is non-binary.

I came out relatively young and then took some years to discover (and accept) I was pan-sexual/bisexual. I often felt that my queerness correlated with who my partner was at the time rather than my own identity.

It doesn’t, and it shouldn’t; sexuality is fluid to me. If you identify as queer, no one has the right to tell you otherwise.
This series of poster-style works express the fragmented and blurred forms of that fluidity and the very un-black and white definitions of queerness with words that resonate with both of us.