Australian Summer
Video Projection, 2019 – 2022


Rhiannon Hopley
Australian Summer, 2019- 2022
Single-channel video with sound 2 minutes.

An Australian home surrounded by bushland is projected with footage and imagery of bushfires that threaten our homes and wildlife each summer. Coincidentally I began creating the video reel during the winter before the 2019/2020 bushfires to reflect the often-tragic side of our Australian Summers and the increased effects of climate change.

As a kid growing up surrounded by bush, the fear and unpredictability of the Australian summer and the threat to our homes and wildlife was always a fear. In the ’93 bushfires, we came close to losing my childhood home. I remember the deep red sky and ash falling like heavy snow. As a result, I have always had difficulty looking forward to summer with the same sense of nostalgia and enjoyment as many Australians.


Australian Summer,  Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2022, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Sydney, NSW