video work, 2021

Resurgence, 2021
Single-channel video with sound
1 minute, 5 seconds

Technology and advancement cannot erase the deeply embedded purpose of nature: to survive at all costs. All of our futile attempts to destroy something so stunningly complex and beautiful will instead only destroy us. As we look for answers in all the wrong places, nature is learning how to reinvent itself, to revive and reform into its beautiful, delicate and resilient purpose.

Originally created for Micro Galleries, Global Projection Festival 2021, Project | Forward : 2048, which screened in Cambodia, the Philippines, Finland, Nepal, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, Bangladesh, Colombia & Hong Kong.

Resurgence has since been selected and exhibited as part of HUE + CRY, Sydney Fringe Festival 2022, DASS 2022, Mbloc Space, Jakarta, Indonesia, DASS Design Week 2022, Mbloc Space, Jakarta, Indonesia, and GLITCH Festival, Edge Sydenham 2022, Sydney.

Resurgence, DASS 2022, Mbloc Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
Resurgence, GLITCH Festival, EDGE Sydenham, 2022
Resurgence, HUE + CRY Sydney Fringe Festival 2022, installation view, The Coroners Court, The Rocks Sydney.