Sydney Fringe Festival – The Rocks

HUE + CRY / LIMINAL – February 25th – March 6th 2022

This exhibition was a wonderful whirlwind, I was commissioned by Tortuga Studios and Sydney Fringe Festival to create a work that resonated with the space of The Old Coroners Court in The Rocks Sydney. 

With just over a month’s lead time, I worked with a perfume artist to create a scent for the space, Q station Manly to research and film within their morgue, laboratory and hospital, to create a new video installation, Death Rituals, that explored rituals surrounding death. 
As well as building upon four existing works to create an immersive experience within the waiting rooms of the coroners’ court, the gallery space and the garden space for the festival. 

‘Just as when weaving
One reaches the end
With fine threads woven throughout,
So is the life of humans.’

–       Buddha

Death Rituals is a meditative piece exploring the connection of personal items and rituals surrounding death. death practice, and celebration and remembrance of life. Within western society, we are often removed and sheltered from the death of loved ones. It becomes a distanced and clinical process. We turn to personal items for a sense of connection. 

The commercialised funeral industry changed the way we care for our dead and, therefore, how we process our associated grief. Bodies are rushed away within an hour of dying, removing the opportunity for care and consideration for our loved ones, which is associated with many rituals surrounding death in cultures worldwide, often resulting in a removed and strange celebration of life. Phrases like ‘they have passed’ or ‘they are in a better place’ echo with a sense of not knowing what to say, how to comfort.
Death Rituals, looks at the different religious and cultural traditions of death and dying, overlapping these with the medical associations. To find connection, and understanding with the hope of creating a discussion on how we can begin talking about death openly.
With thanks to Jocelyn of Cult of Scent, for her incredible expertise and collaboration in creating the scent, and Q Station, Manly, for providing site access to their Morgue, Laboratory and Hospital.  

The Old Coroners Court, The Gallery and Terraces, The Rocks, Sydney. 



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