Finalist in Rookwood HIDDEN – Flickering Stone Award

I have been selected as one of ten artists for Hidden, Flickering Stone Moving image award. This award is a new section of the long-running outdoor sculpture exhibition at Rookwood Cemetery.

Join me this Saturday at Rookwood Cemetery, 3 pm, for the official opening, you will be able to view my new video work, Ante-mortem.

Inspired by the human form and spirit, after reading studies of the experiments in 1901 by physician, Duncan MacDougall who attempted to prove an afterlife by measuring and weighing a body in those last moments to see if the soul exists and has actual weight. These experiments popularized the concept that the soul has a physical weight, which measured as 21 grams at the moment of death.
Ante-mortem is an abstraction on the passage and passing of life, and what happens in those moments during death, a representation of this idea and our daily connectedness to spirits and the afterlife.

I first began working on Ante-mortem during my residency in France last year, this will be the first piece I have shown of my work created there.

Opening 3 pm Saturday 1 September

Hidden exhibition runs from September 1st to October 1st.

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