Micro Galleries Displace[ME]nt Festival 2020

Excited to announce as part of Micro Galleries International Artist Collective, our next Live festival will be held in The Philippines!

Thanks to the incredible support of @jasonstephenson


The focus of this festival will be Displace[ME]nt / Movement: of people, economies, climate, human rights. 

The Philippines is one of the world’s largest archipelago nations and is one of the world’s mega biodiversity countries. It is also a country in trying circumstances with a range of natural disasters including typhoons, floods, and earthquakes which displace millions of people across the Philippines each year and leave hundreds of thousands living in ongoing displacement. There are also areas experiencing intense armed conflict. This range of uncertainty, instability, as well as lack of resources, and infrastructure means there is a huge level of internal displacement.  

An internally displaced person is someone who is forced to flee their home but who remains within their country’s borders. Unfortunately, they are not legally termed a refugee, despite the similar experience and detriment to their lives. 

We want to draw attention to the unheard voice of mass human movement: the internally displaced, and give them a voice and creative platform. 

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Micro Galleries International Collective

It is with great pleasure to announce that I have been selected for Micro Galleries International Artist Collective for 2019! 50 artists from across the world were selected for their new and innovative ideas and old methods placed in new contexts, their interest in disrupting an environment, a community, a mindset in positive ways to make change through art in areas of need.

This is such an exciting collective to be a part of, and I look forward to collaborating on new virtual works with artists across the globe, developing artworks for their climate disruption awareness showcase, and working towards a festival with the collective in the Philippines in 2020, and sharing this experience with you. Best of all, Micro Galleries achieved equal gender representation in this years collective!

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Loud and Luminous Book Launch

The opening and exhibition so far has been a wonderful success.
It is a pleasure to be a part of this project and work with such incredible and talented women, thank you to Hilary Wardhaugh and Melissa Anderson for bringing us all together and doing justice to each of the 100 strong photographs with your curation.

Thanks to Paul at Contact Sheet and all of the sponsors, FujiFilm, Kayell, Print 2 Metal, Canson paper, Amanda Summons for the book design and of course Momento Pro for the beautiful publication itself.

Book launch at Contact Sheet Gallery, Friday 3rd May at 12.30 pm.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the Loud and Luminous 2019 book, please head to the L&L website link below.
There is an early bird launch price if purchased before the 26th of May.

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Loud and Luminous

I have been selected as one of 100 incredible female photographers to showcase work in this years Loud and Luminous exhibition.

Together we unite for a powerful celebration of equality in the arts for International Women’s Day, exhibiting 100 images that represents what power means to us.
I will be showing a piece from my new series, which focuses on the intimate and everyday moments in the lives of some close friends of mine, who identify as women and are in various stages of transition. Some of whom still need to hide their true identity from their work environments, then radiate when within their element.
My aim for the series is to capture them in this element, where they feel they can truly be themselves, to convey the courage, confidence, and beauty of these women, and to help bring awareness to the trans community.

Join us for the opening and book launch at Contact Sheet Gallery, Thursday 11th April at 6 pm 

Lound and Luminous exhibition dates – April 11th to May 1st. 


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Finalist in Rookwood HIDDEN – Flickering Stone Award

I have been selected as one of ten artists for Hidden, Flickering Stone Moving image award. This award is a new section of the long-running outdoor sculpture exhibition at Rookwood Cemetery.

Join me this Saturday at Rookwood Cemetery, 3 pm, for the official opening, you will be able to view my new video work, Ante-mortem.

Inspired by the human form and spirit, after reading studies of the experiments in 1901 by physician, Duncan MacDougall who attempted to prove an afterlife by measuring and weighing a body in those last moments to see if the soul exists and has actual weight. These experiments popularized the concept that the soul has a physical weight, which measured as 21 grams at the moment of death.
Ante-mortem is an abstraction on the passage and passing of life, and what happens in those moments during death, a representation of this idea and our daily connectedness to spirits and the afterlife.

I first began working on Ante-mortem during my residency in France last year, this will be the first piece I have shown of my work created there.

Opening 3 pm Saturday 1 September

Hidden exhibition runs from September 1st to October 1st. 


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Honey – One night only exhibition April 6th

Come join me Friday 6th April at 6 pm for an immersive, one night only exhibition, HONEY. An amazing all-female lineup of artists from multiple disciplines, curated by Create or Die.


Dominica Roebuck
Sofie Dieu 
Rhiannon Hopley
Rebecca Lourey
Emma O’Brien
Olympia Newman-Andrews
Lucy Deverall

Performances by

Lou Millar
Viola iida

Exhibition Friday, April 6th, 6 pm – 9 pm, one night only!

Create or Die, 10-12 Mitchell Road, Marrickville 



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Percival Photographic Portrait Prize Finalist

I am excited to announce that I have had my work Oleander, selected as a finalist in the Percival Photographic Portrait Prize.

Percival Photographic Portrait Prize returns for the third time since its inaugural display at Pinnacles Gallery in 2014. This prize was started to coincide with the highly popular Percival Portrait Painting Prize at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery and ensure a city-wide celebration of portraiture.

“We reach stages in our lives that are obvious chapters, which can be both abrupt and end difficulty resulting in an unavoidable new direction. I have met many people who have had these kinds of chapters for most of their life’s story. With this work, ‘Oleander’ is a representation of the resilience and wearisome results that a build-up of these moments can have.

Oleander, my subject is much like the plant, in that she has grown a tolerance to long seasons of drought as well as the inundation from winter rains through life. A toxic plant, while weathered and grey, even with everything it can endure still manages to flower.”

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Fake – Group Exhibition

Come join me Friday 16th March at 6 pm to celebrate Art Month at Tortuga with a true artist warehouse style opening, for ‘FAKE’ including live music. My work with be featuring alongside over 30 incredible artists including Garth Knight and Will Coles.

An excerpt from the exhibition: “Trump howls ‘fake news!’, escalating his attacks on CNN and the New York Times and the world scuttles to its corner, shamed. Social media smears ribald campaigns of disinformation like a virus, laying waste to a truth no longer dictated by authorities but networked by peers…

The truth, today, has a new shape, all raggedy lines and shadowed form, vacant, abandoned. Clickbait, controversy, sensationalism and spam, the spin swells in soundbites and we are held hostage to a culture of falsity and fear…”

Opening Friday, March 16th, 6 pm
Exhibition 16th – 23rd March

Gallery Hours
17th – 18th –  11 am – 5 pm (Art Month Open Studio)
19th – 23rd  – By Appointment only

Tortuga Studios, 31 Princes Hwy, St Peters



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Relinquish | Solo Exhibition, 1 – 30 November

Come join me for the opening night of my solo exhibition Relinquish at Unicorn Lane Gallery Ballarat on November 4th from 5.30pm, the exhibition will be on display until November 30th.

I will be showing a collection works, which connects and transpire the development within my practice.
A progression of my previous series Discovering Locations, with new work that explores a fluidity of expression. Combining photographic works with ink artworks, presented as a form of reflection and release using our surroundings as a mirror to our inner-selves.

Opening Friday, November 3rd, 5.30 pm
Exhibition 1 – 30 November

Gallery Hours
24/7 – Street accessible

Unicorn Lane Gallery, Unicorn Lane & Sturt Street, Ballarat


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Chateau d’Orquevaux

I’ve just arrived at the Chateau d’Orquevaux in France for my artist residency, this place is more than I could have imagined.
I would like to thank everyone who helped in making this opportunity possible, I’ve not been here long at all and the other artists, the estate, and surroundings, from the small parts of it that I have experienced so far, is already wonderfully inspirational.
So thank you for being a part of this experience for me.

Here are some photos of the Chateau, my room, the staircase leading up to it and the incredible view from my window.
Here is to two full-on weeks of creating, but for now, a welcoming dinner with the other artists in residence, and of course some champagne.






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