Discovering Locations

Exploring the relationship between nature, the urban landscape and the human condition. I aim to bring forth the allure and the other-worldliness of twilight and darkness.
I am fascinated with historic buildings and charming houses, each building has a character and a story of their own. My work thus evokes questions about the past and our present relationship with these sites of memory, while also drawing attention to the peaceful beauty of the too often lost stories these places hold.

These works are from my ‘Discovering locations’ series, which stems from my exploration in these lost landscapes, illustrating the hidden memory of our surroundings at a deeper, emotive level. Each work is titled with a name but also given the geographical coordinates of the location. This embeds a sense of place in the world more literally encouraging others to go out and seek, to explore the world around them and to look at their surroundings ‘in a new light’.